VSW Shines a Light on Boston Brands at the Ad Club’s EDGE Conference

Vertical Search Works is excited to celebrate “Branded in Boston” at the annual EDGE Conference hosted by the Ad Club. Why Boston? Because Boston has a deep-seated tradition of technology and entrepreneurship and The EDGE Conference examines what’s happening, what’s new and what’s next in the marketing world. Today, January 13th, VSW is sponsoring the networking and cocktail event dedicated to revolutionary brands, advertising services, and innovative ideas being conceived in Boston.

The world of marketing and advertising is constantly changing as innovations in technology continue to emerge. Agencies in Boston and beyond are racing to adapt to the new ways in which consumers experience brands, pushing the envelope on the industry’s definition of what it means to be “cutting-edge”. With over 400 marketing, advertising and branding professionals slated to attend, the event will be jam packed with informative sessions and networking opportunities.  

This year’s conference features an impressive list of leaders. Sean Belka, SVP of Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, the branch that explores and evaluates technologies for Fidelity’s business units, and John Della Volpe, Founder and CEO of Social Sphere, an insights-based social media strategy company, in particular will be speakers those particularly interested in tech-facing marketing innovations.

Check out the entire roster of 2014 EDGE speakers here and follow along socially on Twitter: @VSWFeatureLink or @theadclub #BrandedinBoston.  Stay tuned for a video roundup from the event and funny moments from our “What You Don’t Discuss at a Cocktail Party”.